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Artistic director and conductor of GAMEnsemble – Oleg Paiberdin

The Gallery of Actual Music Ensemble (GAMEnsemble) was founded by composer Oleg Paiberdin in 2010 (Moscow, Russia). Soloists from several ensembles (Saxophone Quartet of Andrey Kravchenko, Flute Quartet of Svyatoslav Golubenko), Edyta Fil (flute), Feodor Amirov (piano), Daniel Ekimovsky (piano), Sergei Astashonok (cello), Vladislav Naroditsky (violin), Grigory Dyachenko (tuba), Andrei Vinitsky (percussions) and other musicians have entered into staff of the ensemble. Many of them participated in Moscow Philharmonie's programs The Philharmonic Debut and The Young Talents, and are soloists of Moscow Philharmonie.

The basic mission of GAMEnsemble is performance of new music with accent on the works written for last 15-20 years by contemporary composers, initiation of interdisciplinary projects on crossing of musical and visual aspects in arts. Works of domestic and foreign musical avant-guard classics of the XX century are included in GAMEnsemble’s programs as well.

One of GAMEnsemble’s main purposes is formation of actual zones of modern music art where freely there are basic art strategies – the newest chamber music, improvisational music, visually-acoustic performances and video art, mutually incorporating and creating uniform art process. GAMEnsemble closely cooperates with contemporary composers, artists, choreographers, directors, animators, word and theater masters.

GAMEnsemble constantly collaborates with Moscow State Philharmonie, National Center for Contemporary Arts (NCCA), Pyotr Jurgenson Welfare Fund, Association of Contemporary Music, Russian Composers Union, Music Forum in Moscow, Monopoly Records Independent Label, Polish Cultural Center in Moscow, Record Cinema Centre in Nizhny Novgorod, Autograph New Music Workshop in Yekaterinburg, Sterkh Contemporary Arts Gallery in Surgut, GULAG Museum in Moscow, and others.

In June, 2010, GAMEnsemble participated for the first time with three performances at the Second Other Space International Actual Music Festival in Moscow Philharmonie. One of them was with premieres of the works specially written for GAMEnsemble by young composers of Russian Composers Union. It was the first huge project of GAMEnsemble.

In a concert season 2010-2011, there was GAMEnsemble's tour through the cities of Russia, Ukraine and France within the limits of Moscow Philharmonie's program of actual music The Other Space, participation in philharmonic subscriptions The Live Track I (Chamber Hall of Moscow Philharmonie) and The Live Track II (NCCA), The Opposite Part Of Ural Ridge (Grand Hall of Sverdlovsk Philharmonie, Yekaterinburg), and also in festivals The Contrasts (Lviv), The Music Panorama of Russia (Moscow), III Prigov Contemporary Arts Festival (NCCA, Moscow), The 47th St. Petersbirg Musical Spring, Contemporary Arts Festival dedicated to The Sterkh Gallery's anniversary (Surgut), The Boomerang Biannual Exhibition (PERMM, Perm), What We Hear And What Faces Us (Centre des arts of Enghien-Les-Bains, France), The Opus 52 International Night Open Air Contemporary Music Festival in Nizhny Novgorod, The Night In GULAG Museum-2011: In Dialogue. Audio And Vusual Improvizations (Moscow), and others.

In a concert season 2011-2012, there was GAMEnsemble's performances within the limits of The Gallery of Actual Music International Festival (GAM-festival) organized by GAMEnsemble together with M.I.Glinka State Central Museum of Musical Culture, festival The Creative Youth Of Moscow Conservatory in Rachmaninov Hall, Novosibirsk Conservatory's project Art-practicum within the limits of III Interra International Youth Innovative Forum.

Also, in the current season, performances within the limits of philharmonic subscriptions The Territory Of Horrors and Gallery Of Actual Music which will take place in Chamber hall of Moscow Philharmonie, The Siberian Seasons Contemporary Music Festival in Novosibirsk and Barnaul, Edison Denisov International Contemporary Music Festival in Tomsk, festival of The Sterkh Contemporary Ats Gallery in Surgut, and other performances in Moscow and cities of Russia have been planned.

In 2011, a young Russian composer Alexander Khubeyev became the composer in residence of GAMEnsemble. Such initiative has appeared for the first time in Russia.

In 2012-2013, a project The GAMEnsemble: Young Russia – Young Europe has been supported by Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung's grant (Germany) and it is engaged in a program The All-Russian Philharmonic Seasons of the Russian Federation's Ministry of culture.

In project there is release of compact disc with the works specially written for GAMEnsemble by young Russian composers.

GAMEnsemble is opened for collaboration.

GAM-festival not only has taken place, but has entered one of remembered pages in musical life of Moscow as the capital, once again having proved convertibility of contemporary music.
Music of Russia electronic newspaper, 2011

Throughout three hours listeners were by witnesses of the real miracle, observing how masters of contemporary composition technics show new sides of possession by flute, clarnet, violin and violoncello. <...> Surgut citizens could hear GAMEnsemble, consisting of the unique musician, capable if it is required to force even tumbler toys to sound. <...> Participants of GAMEnsemble are really experts of contemporary performing skills., 2011

GAMEnsemble directed by Oleg Paiberdin represented this musical-cine magic. They have excellent coped with an uneasy problem – to observe accuracy in conformity of sound and visuality. Performers have shown virtuosity and charisma of real masters.
Tribune of the young journalist, 2011

It seemed that musicians have made impossible as possible. By means of musical instruments they could interpret not only sounds of surf, wind, footfall, shout, but also such abstract concepts as rotation, shine and approach., 2010

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